「International Exchange Class」at After School Children’s Club ( March 10, 2018 )

International exchange class for students of “after school children’s club” was held at Kusunoki Plaza Gallery on March 10, 2pm~4pm, requested by Board of Education,

Forty students(1st grade~4th grade) from 5 elementary  schools in town gathered and listened to『Things about China』told by Ms.Huang Ying coming from China.

They learned some simple Chinese and also got the introduction to the landscapes, food, history and culture of China through screen images.

They gazed with great interest at the majestic landscapes and appetizing  food of China.

At the end of the class, they enjoyed making paper cutting decorations for the Chinese New Year.

Upon planning and holding the class, Ms.Bozena from Poland, Ms.Huyen from Vietnam and Ms.Kiyofuji made a great contribution to the success.

Thanks to the efforts of all concerned, International Exchange Class was really filled with international character.

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