After School Children’s Club (2019 Vietnam)

「International Exchange Class
at After School Children’s Club

Ms. Huyen & Ms. Huong, who are from Vietnam and members of Fuchu International Relations Association, lectured for “International exchange class” of “After school children’s club promotion project”. The project is held by Social Education Division in Fuchu Town Board of Education.

Every Wednesday from Feb. 6 through Mar. 6 at after-school hours, they visited 5 elementary schools in town and gave lectures to approx. 20 pupils about their home country Vietnam for about one hour.

They introduced Vietnam by showing various photographs through projector. Children listened with great interest about landscapes, culture and language, which are different from Japan. They also learned some greetings in Vietnamese.

After the lecture they learned how to play Da Cau, which is Vietnamese game, and enjoyed themselves playing the game together.

All of us really felt the importance of knowing different cultures at an early stage of childhood with no preconception.

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