The 28th General Meeting ( May 11, 2019 )

The 28th General Meeting ( May 11, 2019 )

The general meeting was held at the conference room on the second floor of Fuchu Community Center. Many honorable guests attended the meeting and Mr. Kanemitu from Town Hall gave an address on behalf of Mayor Sato Nobuharu.

Three bills, which were Fiscal Year 2018 Business and Settlement Reports, Fiscal Year 2019 Business and Budget Plans, and Election of Officers were unanimously approved.

This association has been engaged in international exchange programs for about 30 years since it was established in 1991, and has made efforts to promote multicultural coexistence in this town. Since the Reiwa Era has begun, the number of foreign residents has increased. When we work on various issues the residents will face, we need closer coordination with the people concerned.

The Self-Government Promotion Section was put in charge of international exchange this April. In order to strengthen coordination between the section and our organization, we asked for its support and cooperation.

We intend to work harder to develop our activities through closer coordination of the people concerned. We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of our members. We are also deeply grateful to the Mayor of Fuchu-cho and the other related parties at Town Hall

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