Fuchu Elementary School 4th Grade

Fuchu Elementary School 4th Grade – Second Term Comprehensive Class about Vietnam (Sept.18 & 25, 2019)

Fuchu Elementary School 4th Grade (137 pupils) was to learn about Vietnam in second term comprehensive class and Fuchu International Relations Association was requested to send guest teachers for the class.

Ms.Huyen, Ms.Huong & Ms.Phan, who are from Vietnam and members of the Association, lectured for the class in the 5th period of Sept. 18 and the 3rd and 4th period of Sept 25.

On Sept. 18, they introduced Vietnamese climate, housing, food, clothing and traditional culture by showing various photographs through projector.

Children listened with enthusiastic notetaking and also learned some simple greetings and conversation. They quickly mastered them and exchanged greetings in Vietnamese.

On Sept. 25, Vietnamese play was introduced in gymnasium. Children eagerly enjoyed playing 3 games, which are “Da Cau”, “Bamboo dance” and “Cat & mouse chasing one another”

Now that some pupils from Vietnam attend Fuchu Elementary School, the class gave a good opportunity to children to feel familiar with Vietnam and deepen mutual understanding.  

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