“Let’s play in English!” 2019 (October 19)

On October 19th (Sat), we held an event for elementary school students, “Let’s play in English!” at the small hall of Kusunoki Plaza. 14 elementary school students and their sisters and brothers joined the event.

After played with our assistants (Ms.Tanaka, Ms.Asakura, Ms.Hanashige and Ms.Isomura) with easy English songs and picture book as a warm up exercise , the participants had a 50 minutes lesson with Mr.Jamie Graham Elliot from England.

They learned about Halloween words, color, ABC phonics and facial parts in English. They enjoyed making a funny face with facial parts puzzles and playing bingo games using English The children looked a little bit nervous at first, but they gradually became active and they had a lot of fun in English.

After the lesson , we went an authentic trick or treating , which was a BIG fun . The partici pants knocked the door and said “Trick or Treat one by one, and got a snack from our well costumed staffs. After that, we went back to the hall and got another more treats from our staffs at the 4 corners of the room. Every child looked so happy with a trick or treat bag full of snacks.

It was surprising that every participant put on very wonderful and unique costumes, such as witches, black cats, vampires, cowboys, princesses, and other favorite characters. It seems Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Japan. We are so happy to have seen cheerful cute smiles of the participant children. We hope this event will be a good opportunity for them to understand foreign culture and get more familiar with English.

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